Christening Gift Ideas

In this topic, Pam explores some simple gift ideas for Christening and Baptisms


I wanted to write down some gift ideas which are good to give a child for their Christening, Baptism or even Confirmation. Gifts can vary from if the child is a boy or girl and even differ when if a friend or family member is an adult.

Many of us are baptized as an infant, and thus, are too young to remember the blessed event. Then as we confirm our christening, it is always nice to look back at those keepsakes given to us years before. But keep in mind that God's gift of Christ is the true value that we must remember and keepsakes which support His gift are often the best to give.

For this topic, I hope you will find that special gift idea to present to God's child. I have written a set of articles which will guide you through this process.

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