Little toddler loses his balance and falls off his bike. (Photo ClknGo/Judy Barranco)

Balance Bikes for 2 Year Olds

Looking back many years ago when my son was learning to ride a bike, we did the normal tricycle to training-wheel -bicycle route until the magical day we removed the stabilizers. He took off with the help of his dad giving him a push start while
The size of balance bikes is quite small when compared to stuffed animals. (ClknGo Photo/Flickr, Keiichirou Shikano)

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes, also known as runner bikes, are one of the more efficient ways to teach your toddler how to ride a bike. This is because it is specially made for a toddler to comfortably sit and maneuver around on the bike with no help from an adult.
The green Kazam Balance bike features inflatable tires with a unique foot rest used by children when coasting. (ClknGo Photo/

KaZAM Balance Bike

KaZAM is one of the better toddler bikes one the market that gives parents and children a sense of security while learning to walk/run/ride their bike for the first time. The durable steel frame includes a foot rest where tikes will lift up
Tough and durable, yet light construction and a sleek design the Razor helmet helps protect toddlers against head injuries. (ClknGo Photo/

Toddler Helmets

Makers of the Razor Scooter know that children will take a tumble from time to time which is why they offer knee and elbow pads to go along with their helmets. But regardless of riding a scooter, balance bike or even a tricycle, know that a well