(Photo: ClknGo/Ann Young)

Howard Young

Howard Young has a diverse background with more than 25 years experience in Software and System Engineering. Considered an expert in Inertial Navigation Systems, GPS and Fibre Channel technology, Mr. Young worked for both large and small corporations,

Want Some Changes? Change Your PSP Wallpaper

In order to install the PSP Wallpaper you will need the installation tutorial to facilitate your work. First your system should meet some requirements for installing PSP Wallpaper. You should use PSP System Software (Firmware) Version 2.00 or newer.

What is Sales Force Automation

The use of computer software to automate the tasks in business of information exchange, monitoring and controlling inventory, sales, order tracking, analyzing sales forecasts, evaluating the performance of employees, and customer management, is known
Scrawny blue berry bush with High ph soil level. (ClknGo Photo/Howard)

How to test the pH of Soil

Even though I planted my Blueberry bush in acidic soil last year, the nutrients extracted by the plant caused the soil to turn alkaline causing most of the leaves to turn reddish and fall off. Adding coffee grounds and organic compost brought the