Real Estate Course: Lease Purchase Options or Rent to Own

==Continuing real estate education is important in keeping your license current and to provide clients optional methods of selling there home. In this article, you will get a refresher on lease purchase options.== Owing a home is a big part of the

What are Good Christening Gifts?

In this previous article, I discussed what the best gift for Christening is. Although the best gift is conceptual and helps faith growth, and I suggest you give it regardless, there are really good gifts you can purchase and give.
Acura MDX wheel upon a MAXSA car stop mat (Photo: ClknGo/Howard Young)

Car Stops Make a Great Addition to Your Garage

One thing that I really hate, besides "curbing" my car on a parking block, is that I tend to pull up too close inside the garage leaving little room to walk in front of the car or even worse smacking a storage box that was carefully tucked inside that