Christening Gift Ideas

I wanted to write down some gift ideas which are good to give a child for their Christening, Baptism or even Confirmation. Gifts can vary from if the child is a boy or girl and even differ when if a friend or family member is an adult. Many of us
Acura MDX wheel upon a MAXSA car stop mat (Photo: ClknGo/Howard Young)

Car Stops Make a Great Addition to Your Garage

One thing that I really hate, besides "curbing" my car on a parking block, is that I tend to pull up too close inside the garage leaving little room to walk in front of the car or even worse smacking a storage box that was carefully tucked inside that

Choosing A Quality Cookware Set

I cannot emphasize how important it is when choosing a quality cookware set. This not only determines how well you cook, but helps you prepare some of the best meals you can serve to your family. Of course, staying within your budget and purchasing the
Hundreds of Wee Forest Mice in the Final Touch display case at the Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks, CA. (ClknGo Photo/Howard)

Wee Forest Folk

Something amazing happened back in 1972 where a little idea about mice from Annette Peterson turned into collection miniature figurines called the Wee Forest Folk. Fortunately, my wife Annie didn't discover them for about 30 years otherwise we

Where to Find Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

Crochet blanket patterns are becoming a popular item in today's day and time. Not only can blankets provide such a comforting warmth, but also a nice decoration with the right pattern. Also, instead of increasing the heater in a house to the correct