Car Stops Make a Great Addition to Your Garage

There are some really good solutions besides that tennis ball to assist you in parking your car in the same spot

Acura MDX wheel upon a MAXSA car stop mat (Photo: ClknGo/Howard Young)

Acura MDX wheel upon a MAXSA car stop mat (Photo: ClknGo/Howard Young)


One thing that I really hate, besides "curbing" my car on a parking block, is that I tend to pull up too close inside the garage leaving little room to walk in front of the car or even worse smacking a storage box that was carefully tucked inside that space between the bumper and garage wall.

2x4 Solutions

I've tried many solutions to prevent this from happening and about the cheapest solution is an old 2x4 which I bought from Home Depot as a car stop. Of course after a few years, the board warped and moves at the slightest touch. A black outline of the board using a Sharpie, helps with placing the board back into the correct position.

I guess the annoyance factor was never too great since I never bothered to get around to bolting the 2x4 down to the garage floor as a permanent solution. It's one of the half-hour projects you never seem to get around to doing but four concrete screws, an 8 ft 2x4, and a masonry drill bit, you have yourself a very nice way to stop your car from ramming into your wall. I'm lazy and found something a little better.

Rubber Car Stop Mats

Our old Toyota Avalon having a lower profile than our current ride would fit nicely underneath the workbench with no issues, but our MDX would hit the bench dead center with the top of the hood. I did not wish to try the 2x4 trick since the larger tires seemed to run over the board so softly that you wouldn't know it until you got a big dent.

After putting up with the nonsense of driving ever so slow to gauge when I was at the proper position for about a week, I managed to locate a rubber parking stop at the dealer. We had roof racks installed on our new SUV and the dealer had a MAXSA parking mat which looked like it would work nicely. I later found out that the $25 spur-of-the-moment purchase could be bought on Amazon for $17 which included free shipping (if you're a Prime Member.)

I already had the parking blocks laid out beforehand and all I had to do was to remove the adhesive tape for it to stick on the cement. The stop doesn't move and it's very noticeable when your tire rests up on the mat. If your cement is dirty or oily, make sure you clean it with Windex first otherwise the tape probably won't stick very well.

Parking Assist Stops

For our other car, we still use a 2x4, but there are some wheel stoppers on the market which are similar to the mat. In most of the products that I researched, most come with a pair of stops -- enough for two cars -- and a garage wall protector to prevent you from opening your door into the wall. Some of these wedges are low-profile so your car may roll over it defeating the purpose. So if you have larger tires, use the MAXSA mat or find a wedge with adequate height.

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