Balance Bikes for 2 Year Olds

Do not overlook safety when finding a balance bike for your toddler.

Little toddler loses his balance and falls off his bike. (Photo ClknGo/Judy Barranco)

Little toddler loses his balance and falls off his bike. (Photo ClknGo/Judy Barranco)


Looking back many years ago when my son was learning to ride a bike, we did the normal tricycle to training-wheel -bicycle route until the magical day we removed the stabilizers. He took off with the help of his dad giving him a push start while helping him balance and running aside to prevent a disastrous crash. I managed to survive the day while he sort of learned to ride solo.

They didn't have balance bikes back then but if we had to do it all over again, we would skip the tricycle and training wheels and just have him learn with the most important step of balancing and control of the bike.

But as a parent, you must be wondering if two years old is old enough to start learning on a balance bike. Regardless of size, as long as your child can straddle the bike, he or she can ride it or at least walk with it.

The magic happens when your toddler gains enough confidence to sit down after there is enough momentum to carry him forward. This may happen when the bike is first introduced or when they have grown tall enough to sit down and lift their feet.

I cannot think of any manufacturer that makes a bike that is not adjustable so the day may come sooner than latter you would expect. I especially like the KaZAM Balance Bike that adjusts and grows with your child. Some of the wooden bikes are nearly the same price as the KaZAM and Stryder but do not have nearly the same number of features.

Keeping safety in mind, I think it is very important at this stage to introduce a bicycle helmet that is sized to fit toddlers. A helmet too large will easily come off and will not provide adequate protection. But it is necessary to reinforce the idea and habit of wearing protective gear while riding is vital.

Regardless of which bike you choose for your little one, you will rest assured that your 2 year old can learn to ride a balance bike.

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