Leaf Scoops

Two Scoops, but instead of raisins, you're going to pick up mounds of leaves

The Gardex Leaf Scoop picks up 3x the volume saving lots of cleanup time. (ClknGo Photo/Amazon)

The Gardex Leaf Scoop picks up 3x the volume saving lots of cleanup time. (ClknGo Photo/Amazon)


The wind was blowing this week and even after our gardener cleaned up all the leaves, we had a big pile blown into our yard by the next day. The bad thing about this was the fact that they all came from our neighbor's house on the other side of the street.

It was clearly obvious from the evidence that with nice neat piles of leaves lined curbside, they could have only come from one direction ... up wind. But what can you do? I guess I could plead with our neighbor to clean up his mess, but I doubt that would work. So, alas, I get to work cleaning up my yard again.

Even though the curb-barrier made ready-to-pickup piles, it would take some time for my mini rake and hands to finish the job. Of course the obvious solution would be to let it sit for a week for my gardener to finish the job or wait for the wind to blow and hope the problem would end up down the street at the next house.

But with minor complaints, I finish the job teary-eyed from dust and pollen -- hence, the reason why I have a gardener in the first place -- thinking there has to be a better way or at least benefit from the onslaught of leaves.

It's strange how things work. I was thinking along the lines of placing our sudden abundance into a composter only to find something better: Leaf Scoops!

Someone took the common idea of using two rakes together to pick up leaves and removed the cumbersome handles. Leaf scoops are made from a light-weight but sturdy plastic. Cut out are slots to insert your hand in each one.

The formidable hand rake scoop can now be used with agility and speediness to cut down cleanup time to next to nothing.
I bought mine on sale here. I just hope my leaf scoop it comes in before the wind picks up again.

Our rating: 5 out of 5.

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