Curb Ramps

This simple invention eliminates those nasty rolled curbs you drive over.

The Bridjit curb ramp comes in three 4 foot sections forming a smooth transition into your driveway. (Photo ClknGo/Howard)

The Bridjit curb ramp comes in three 4 foot sections forming a smooth transition into your driveway. (Photo ClknGo/Howard)


There is nothing worse than "curbing your car" pulling into a parking spot hitting that curb stop blocking your car from going into another spot or building. Some of the older blocks are simply too high for the modern aerodynamic cars which even the careful and attentive driver tend to magnetically hit. I was the mercy of the curb block that managed to rip my front spoiler package off my brand new BMW. Needless to say, I was rather pissed.

Now imagine trying to divert curbing every time you pull into your driveway because some new city ordinance prohibits those nice tapered sidewalks that extend from your driveway into the street and you now have to drive over a rolled curb to get into your car.

No matter what angle you come in, you're always going to hit the undercarriage of your car damaging the suspension and lowering the cars life in the long run. Of course, you can always re-cement the sidewalk for a couple grand, that is, if your city lets you. Or, you could get a curb ramp that solves the problem for a few hundred.

Both I and Annie love to take walks in our neighborhood. It's a new housing development and with wonderful track homes. The older section where we live have nice driveways with no obstacles to hit (except for our garage door, but that's another story) and you could see over the years, how the home architecture changed giving it unique features as the real estate developer rolled out the phases.

It was about 5 years ago that the developer started putting in rolled curbs. I told my wife that I wouldn't buy a house with a curb like that and was glad we got in earlier. It would have killed our cars. I know that she wouldn't be to adept at getting into the driveway, never mind our teenage son.

It didn't take long and you could see from the gouges in the concrete curb where cars were hitting them left and right. I guess my neighbor got pissed off at getting his car aligned every three months and decided he had enough.

The Bridjit curb ramp he installed does what it says it does. It gives you that smooth transition from the street into your driveway. He's had it for about a year now and the HOA hasn't complained and neither has he.

It was pretty simple to install. The three piece hard rubber comes in 4 foot sections that are bolted together. You can leave gaps at the top forming an angle that will fit the curvature of most cul-de-sacs. The water flows in concaved section underneath, but you can tell from the picture that it does catch leaves.

He bought his here.

Dirt and mud collects, but all you have to do is flip it over and sweep away the debris or wash if down with a hose. A very good product that you can sometimes find a little cheaper on eBay, but be wary of shipping costs.

Our rating: 5 out of 5.

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