Hundreds of Wee Forest Mice in the Final Touch display case at the Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks, CA. (ClknGo Photo/Howard)

Wee Forest Folk

Something amazing happened back in 1972 where a little idea about mice from Annette Peterson turned into collection miniature figurines called the Wee Forest Folk. Fortunately, my wife Annie didn't discover them for about 30 years otherwise we
The green Kazam Balance bike features inflatable tires with a unique foot rest used by children when coasting. (ClknGo Photo/

KaZAM Balance Bike

KaZAM is one of the better toddler bikes one the market that gives parents and children a sense of security while learning to walk/run/ride their bike for the first time. The durable steel frame includes a foot rest where tikes will lift up
Little toddler loses his balance and falls off his bike. (Photo ClknGo/Judy Barranco)

Balance Bikes for 2 Year Olds

Looking back many years ago when my son was learning to ride a bike, we did the normal tricycle to training-wheel -bicycle route until the magical day we removed the stabilizers. He took off with the help of his dad giving him a push start while

Where to Find Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

Crochet blanket patterns are becoming a popular item in today's day and time. Not only can blankets provide such a comforting warmth, but also a nice decoration with the right pattern. Also, instead of increasing the heater in a house to the correct
The Bridjit curb ramp comes in three 4 foot sections forming a smooth transition into your driveway. (Photo ClknGo/Howard)

Curb Ramps

There is nothing worse than "curbing your car" pulling into a parking spot hitting that curb stop blocking your car from going into another spot or building. Some of the older blocks are simply too high for the modern aerodynamic cars which even the