Pam O'Connell

In Part 2 of this series of Christening Gifts, Pam looks at what she believes are some good gifts to give for the occasion.


Choosing A Quality Cookware Set

I cannot emphasize how important it is when choosing a quality cookware set. This not only determines how well you cook, but helps you prepare some of the best meals you can serve to your family. Of course, staying within your budget and purchasing the

What is the Best Gift for Christening?

This is a good question which I will attempt to answer. I would say the best christening gift you can give a child is your support. That is your love and prayers throughout his or her life and helping them find their faith in God. Keeping that goal

What are Good Christening Gifts?

In this previous article, I discussed what the best gift for Christening is. Although the best gift is conceptual and helps faith growth, and I suggest you give it regardless, there are really good gifts you can purchase and give.


Christening Gift Ideas

I wanted to write down some gift ideas which are good to give a child for their Christening, Baptism or even Confirmation. Gifts can vary from if the child is a boy or girl and even differ when if a friend or family member is an adult. Many of us