Howard Young


Howard Young has a diverse background with more than 25 years experience in Software and System Engineering. Considered an expert in Inertial Navigation Systems, GPS and Fibre Channel technology, Mr. Young worked for both large and small corporations, including two startups. At the smaller corporations, the applicant often traded in his "Engineering hat" in for Copywriter, Proposal and Marketing Manager. He is a firm believer in process improvement, optimization and artifact automation.

For the past ten years, Mr. Young was primarily engaged at Troika Networks -- later acquired by QLogic Corporation and then by LSI Corporation -- to develop Storage Area Network virtualization and storage service applications. He has authored and co-authored many storage virtualization patent applications, and issued numerous patent disclosures. Mr. Young plans and develops R&D projects which integrate advance technology and product enhancements into future product releases. He currently is developing system specifications which support corporate goals well into 2015.

Concurrently in 2002, Mr. Young founded ClknGo ("Click and Go") Software Corporation to bridge the gap between low-bandwidth handheld devices and high-speed networks. He wrote several SBIR proposals offering solutions to the DoD to resolve bandwidth and network accessibility issues and currently serves as President and is on the Board of Directors for this Corporation.

In 2005, Mr. Young took on a full-time consulting position to ITT Industries to spearhead the completion of the SINCARS Embedded GPS Receiver SAASM software development. He was instrumental in optimizing GPS acquisition algorithms by 10x to meet a stringent time to first fix requirement in under 30 seconds. During this time he also served as consultant to top management for new product direction including ground-breaking work on GPS III.

In the early part of his career, he developed Inertial Navigation Software at Litton Guidance & Control Systems for nearly 15 years. Mr. Young was the Software Architect for the LN-100 product-line developing long-term strategic goals for software reuse and cost reduction. He was responsible for mentoring and managing engineers for both small and large scale applications


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